Deno hits 1.0

Deno has reached version 1.0.

But Deno is not a monolithic program, but designed as a collection of Rust crates to allow integration at different layers.

Deno is not compatible, in general, with Node (NPM) packages. There is a nascent compatibility layer being built at but it is far from complete.

Deno supports TypeScript without additional tooling. The runtime is designed with TypeScript in mind. The deno types command provides type declarations for everything provided by Deno. Deno’s standard modules are all written in TypeScript.

Deno is careful to not deviate from standardized browser JavaScript APIs. Of course, not every browser API is relevant for Deno, but where they are, Deno does not deviate from the standard.

I think the future of JavaScript is more of these tools that use a browser-compatible environment. See also Cloudflare Workers which is based on Service Workers but on the backend.