My most used commands for front-end

# Measure HTTP response time
httpstat ""

# Run Google’s PageSpeed Insights
npx psi "" --strategy=mobile

# Run Axe Core across multiple breakpoints
npx evaluatory ""

# Optimize & minify SVG file
npx svgo <file.svg>

# Visualize JavaScript usage
npx bundle-wizard

# Create a new TypeScript library with TSDX
npx tsdx create <project-name>

# Create a Remix app
npx create-remix@latest

# Create a new web app with Vite
npm init vite-app <project-name> # Vue by default
npm init vite-app <project-name> --template preact
npm init vite-app <project-name> --template react

# Creates a Cloudflare Worker
npm i -g @cloudflare/wrangler
wrangler generate <project-name>