# Guide to Deploying Web Apps & Sites

# Cloudflare Workers: APIs, proxies, dynamic sites

$5 base cost for unlimited users bandwidth is free first 10 million requests are free $.50 per million requests after

# Advantages

  • Deploys to 200+ centers around the world
  • Use JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly
  • Server render at low latency
  • Proxy requests to anywhere using fetch()
  • Supports POST as well as GET
  • Caches proxied requests by default; also supports manual cache store
  • Use worldwide key-value store
  • Can use Terraform or Serverless to deploy
  • Bandwidth is free
  • No cost for extra users

# Disadvantages

  • Doesnโ€™t support Node.js APIs
  • Dedicated HTTPS (not shared certificate) costs $5/month
  • Multiple scripts requires expensive enterprise plan

# Netlify: single page apps, static sites

monthly cost for 1 user $49 monthly for 5 users plus $9 per additional user $290 monthly for 10 roled users plus $29 per additional user

# Advantages

  • Can use Netlify solo for free, and deploy unlimited sites
  • Integrates with GitHub for continuous deployment
  • Can build the site (using Node, Golang, etc) for you
  • Proxy subpaths to an API to have a single domain and avoid CORS issues
  • Has a well designed dashboard for managing sites
  • Allow you to insert snippets onto every page
  • Has conviences for user authentication, form submissions
  • Lets you do A/B split testing
  • Handles HTTPS using LetsEncrypt
  • Has an API to manage deploys
  • Allows server-side JavaScript using AWS Lambda

# Disadvantages

  • Only Lambda language is JavaScript
  • Only Lambda region is AWSโ€™s us-east

# Zeit Now: APIs, single page apps, static sites

free for 5 users $25 per user above 5 users

$0.99 base cost $0.1 per GB of bandwidth $0.40 per million requests $0.000034 per GB of RAM per second

# Advantages

# Disadvantages

  • Encourages monorepo of multiple functions, making it hard to migrate away
  • Unclear roadmap
  • Config file: https://zeit.co/docs/features/configuration

# Render: Web Apps, APIs, Databases, Background Tasks, Docker, Static Sites

# Fly.io: APIs, Docker, Redis