Why I hate WordPress but used it anyway for this blog

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  1. It gets me writing,
  2. And not wrangling with code.
  3. I get online editing, drafts, Ulysses integration out of the box.
  4. I can make edits and publish from my phone.
  5. My readers get RSS out of the box.
  6. The default 2019 theme looks decent.
  7. It brings categories, pagination, some decent plugins (and some hacky ones).
  8. It renders on the server instead of the client, bringing better SEO.
  9. It doesn’t use service workers which I think applied naively is premature optimisation and a worse user experience.

Handy Makefile Rules and Patterns

· Workflow · Patrick Smith


Required variable

$(or $(build),$(error Must set build variable))

Optional variable with fallback

$(or $(branch),master)


Rebase on origin’s master

	git pull --rebase origin master

Create a git commit message template with co-authored-by set

# Requires card=…, name=…, and a contributors.txt file
	@echo "$(card) \n\nCo-authored-by: $(shell grep -i $(name) contributors.txt)" > .git/.gitmessage
	@git config commit.template .git/.gitmessage
	@cat .git/.gitmessage


Run the most recently modified spec

	bundle exec rspec $(or $(shell find ./spec -name "*_spec.rb" -cmin -5 -exec ls -1tr "{}" + | tail -n 1),$(error No *_spec.rb file modified recently))

Run specs with changes not yet committed

	bundle exec rspec $(shell git status --porcelain | grep -E "^[^D][^D] .+_spec.rb$" | cut -c4-)