Pure Styling of Components with TypeScript and CSS: Part 1

The benefits of components have been realized with systems such as React and VueJS. Styling these components has a number of approaches, from CSS classes written in SCSS, inline styles, and dynamically generated stylesheets via something like emotion. Each styling approach has trade-offs in regards to reusability, performance, and developer experience. Also, special considerations often […]

The difference between CSS Grid and Flexbox

For y'all that have an understand of both CSS grid and flexbox, what's your favorite way of explaining the difference? — Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) January 25, 2019 Flexbox looks at content sizing, extra available space, and let’s you program what to do with the extra/ lack of space around that content. Grid let’s you define […]

Handy Makefile Rules and Patterns

Patterns Required variable $(or $(build),$(error Must set build variable)) Optional variable with fallback $(or $(branch),master) Git Rebase on origin’s master rebase_origin_master: git pull –rebase origin master Create a git commit message template with co-authored-by set # Requires card=…, name=…, and a contributors.txt file pair: @echo “$(card) \n\nCo-authored-by: $(shell grep -i $(name) contributors.txt)” > .git/.gitmessage @git […]